• Heritage
    Cuban, Lebanese ( Cubanese)
  • Born
    Hollywood, FL
  • Interests
    Basketball, design, architecture, Cuban coffee, travel, VW buses, photography, woodworking, meatball subs
  • This site
    Built with Lottie, Next.JS, Saas, and designed in Figma
  • Fonts
    Inter, Supply, and Agandir.
A few of my favorites
Luke Subs - Meatball
Delirium Tremens
Kurt Vonnegut
Brillart House
1952 Aston Martin DB2
Gratsi Old Country Red
Make together, stay together

Friends I've built things with.

Moe Amaya

A designer and co-founder of Monograph currently based in San Francisco.

TJ Weigel

TJ Weigel is a 3&D wing player turned designer. Currently in Boston designing new experiences at DraftKings.

Wendy Lu

Growth marketing data lead @ Figma and Spicy Yuna's mom. Knows the best sandwich spots in the Bay Area.

Mike Coughlin

Former head of growth @ Figma.com and Chairman of the International darts consortium.

Bonnie Kait Wolf

Illustrator and icon designer during the day, Figma superfan at all other times.

Brian Trautschold

Cofounder of Ambition.com and creator of the worst basketball takes on Twitter.

Sean Whitney

Former Cornell Hockey player (ever heard of it?) and early BizOps hire at Figma.


Freelance graphic designer and illustrator living in Brighton, MI working on DashingDish.com and Blue Birdie Golf.


Product designer currently building Dwellito, a platform for buying a prefab homes online.

Bryan Maddock

Founder of Fantastic Offense and Dimensions.com. Phins Up.

Stephen Vlahos

Founder of Bellhops.com & Gratsi.com. Believes strongly in the power I formation.

Meshal Lakhani

Investor and the host of Talk Money, a podcast series that’s unlocking the secrets of money through storytelling.

Nick Cole

Internet reply guy and attorney.

Things that inspire me