• Heritage
    Cuban, Lebanese ( Cubanese)
  • Born
    Hollywood, FL 🌴
  • Things I like
    Basketball, design, architecture, Cuban coffee, markets, 4x4s, cameras, sandwiches.
  • This site
    Built with good ole fashioned html, css, and lottie.js. Designed in Figma, obviously.
  • Fonts
    Inter, Supply, and Agandir.
Make together, stay together

Friends I've built things with.

TJ Weigel

Giraffe turned product designer at DraftKings.

Luana Lopes Lara

Pão de Queijo connoisseur & cofounder of Kalshi.com

Tarek Mansour

Markets, matcha & manousheh. Cofounder of Kalshi.com

Sumer Sao

Resident hypebeast. Deletes code & chipotle @ Kalshi.com

Wendy Lu

Queen of data science @ Figma and Spicy Yuna's mom.

Mike Coughlin

Gerolsteiner importer/exporter & cofounder of the SF darts league.

Badrul Farooqi

Detriot native, sneakerhead, brunch connoisseur & first PM @ Figma.

Meshal Lakhani

Founder of Lola Media 🐶 Host of Founder Stories & Talk Money.

Brian Trautschold

Cofounder of Ambition.com and creator of the worst basketball takes on Twitter.

Stephen Vlahos

Founder of Gratsi.com & Bellhops. Believes strongly in the power I formation.

Kyle Parrish

Doppelbock enthusiast, tennis trainer, NFT collector and VP of Sales @ Figma.

Sean Whitney

Former Cornell Hockey player (ever heard of it?) and investor @ Craft.vc.

Moe Amaya

Oscars dad. An architect, designer and co-founder of Monograph.

Bryan Maddock

Founder of Dimensions.com and architect @ Fantastic Offense. Phins lifer.

Caleb Barclay

Architect turned product designer building Dwellito.com, a pre-fab marketplace.

Nick Cole

Internet reply guy and attorney.

Things that inspire me